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Welcome to Mrs Usher and Miss Humphries class page. Here you will find all the relevant and latest information about upcoming events and will be able to see what we have been getting up to in Reception. 

Transport that use the water to travel.

This week we have been learning about all the things that travel on the water.  We read the story 'Noah's Ark' and learned that the story comes from the Bible.  We talked about the promise God made to Noah and we talked about promises that we could make, remembering that promises are things we need to keep. Some made promises to clean their rooms! Try not to be naughty! Even trying to remember their glasses every day!

The children made a wonderful rainbow and we talked about colours used in both English and Welsh.

In maths we were learning to count in 2’s just like Noah counted the animals on his ark and we practiced this in our outside area as well!

We were also learning about floating and sinking and thought about what happens when it's neither on top or at the bottom of the water.

Mrs Dawkes was helping the children make their own boats from apples which they tested in the water tray.

Finally, we have started practising for our Nativity Play, so far so good though we do need to keep learning those lines at home!




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Road Safety

This week we have been learning about road safety. We read the story 'Stay Safe' and talked about safe places to cross the road. We also made a poster on the chrome books and on paper to remind us to:




Mrs Barry took the children onto the playground where they practised crossing the road safely.

Mrs Dawkes was helping the children to make road signs for outside and in the small world role play. They made some amazing STOP signs, zebra crossing, no entry, speed control and traffic lights. I hope they notice them when they travel around with you!

In Maths, we made a pictogram with the children where we collected information about our favourite vehicles.

The children also made 'traffic light' biscuits and talked about ingredients and recipes. They talked about the process of making the biscuits and the changes observed before and after cooking.

In the Discovery area, the children were challenged to make rectangular biscuits from playdough then had to place the relevant coloured counters, red, green and yellow. Their next challenge was to make another traffic light using the same colours but in a different order. Some children managed to do three!

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Wheeled vehicles

We learnt about vehicles that have wheels, such as motorbikes, cars, bikes and buses. We read the story of 'The Naughty Bus' by Jan and Jerry Oke and recreated the different scenes within the story. Our maths focus this week was data handling and we went to the car park to find out which was the most and least popular coloured cars. We recorded the data by mark making and used this to create a graph as a group!

We transformed our outside area into a car wash, where the children took turns to pay and clean the cars. Outside, we also tested out how fast cars went down the ramp and recorded 1st, 2nd and 3rd, giving suggestions as to why some went further than others. We created a range of wheeled vehicles from junk and learnt the song 'Olwynion ar y bws' in Welsh. We learnt the language pattern 'ble mae...' to ask 'where is the...' and to answer by saying 'ar y...' to describe where the different vehicles were placed.

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Teithio (Transport/Are we there yet?)

Welcome back everyone! Thanks to everyone for the fantastic models and pictures of different types of transport. They are proudly on display for all to see and they look amazing!

This week we have been reading 'Rosie's Walk,' a lovely book using positional vocabulary. The children have been using these 'position words' during their everyday classroom activities.We have also been hiding 'Rosie' outside and the children described where Rosie was hidden using their positional vocabulary.  

The children have also been responding to the story by painting their favourite part or character.  Some of the detail has been outstanding!

Some of the children have been introduced to story maps where they use their map to retell the story, others have been drawing their favourite part and using their sound knowledge to write key words.

In Maths, the children have been finding out 1 more of a number.  

The children look fabulous today (Friday) dressed in red celebrating our new defibrillator. I think it was only Mrs Usher and Mrs Humphries who forgot!



This term's topic is 'Pwy wyt ti?' We will be learning all about ourselves, families, friends, senses, feelings and where we live.

Image result for cartoon school dinner                        Lunch           Image result for cartoon lunch


Reception children eat their lunch with the upper Foundation Phase classes and join them on the school playground.  It is your choice whether your child receives a hot school lunch or a packed lunch from home.


School Lunch

A healthy, well balanced meal is available for all children every school day.  The cost of a school lunch is £2.50 per day.  Please put money in an envelope, clearly labelled with your child's name every MONDAY.  If you feel your child may be eligible for free school meals, please request a form from the office and return it to County Hall.


Packed Lunch

As part of the 'Healthy Schools' initiative driven by the Welsh Government, please provide your child with a healthy, well-balanced packed lunch to eat in school.  Please ensure that all lunch bags, food pots and bottles are clearly labelled with your child's name and class written on it.

                  Breakfast Club                  Image result for cartoon breakfast cereal

As part of the Welsh Government's 'Healthy Schools' initiative, Bryn Hafod provides a free, well balanced breakfast for all children aged 4 and above.  If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club, please request a form from the office.  Breakfast Club begins at 8 am.  Please arrive on time.

Image result for cartoon book        Reading Books                          

Once your child is ready for a reading book, we will send one home for you to share with your child.  Please bring reading books to school EVERYDAY in the book bag provided.


                                                                             Image result for cartoon pe

In Reception, we have continuous access to our fantastic outdoor area and garden so we are developing our physical skills all of the time.  We have a focused PE lesson in the main Foundation Phase hall every Wednesday.

Daily mile

Each day we will be doing our 'daily mile' around the playground as part of effort to be a healthy school. 

Please ensure your child has suitable footwear for them to be able to take part!

Friends, Families and our Amazing Bodies.

During the last few weeks we have been learning about friends and family. We read the story of 'The Rainbow Fish' and made our own rainbow fish.   We have been making friendship bracelets for our friends and  taking photographs of our friends on the ipad.  We painted pictures of our friends and talked about why they are special.

Last week we read the story of 'The Three Bears' and talked about our families. We made our own family trees, talking about and counting the number of people in our family.  In Maths, we have been learning about size and measuring, comparing amounts linked to the story.  We were also learning to re-tell the story of 'The Three Bears' thinking about the beginning, middle and end of the story.  Our role play is 'The Three Bears Cottage' where we matched different sized items for each bear. We have been singing 'How many people live in your house' and 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.'

This week we are learning to write our names, recalling the names of the letters in each name, starting with a capital letter. We will be measuring our feet, comparing them to others, finding who has the biggest, smallest and why.  We read 'Funny Bones' and have been creating our own skeletons.  We also had a special visitor (Mr Boney the skeleton) and the children came out with some amazing facts about bones and our bodies! We have also just started talking about Healthy Lunchboxes and healthy eating and today (Monday) we all did our first daily mile!

Our Goldilocks ordering activity

Our Goldilocks ordering activity 1
Our Goldilocks ordering activity 2
Our Goldilocks ordering activity 3

Brilliant Bodies activities

Brilliant Bodies activities 1
Brilliant Bodies activities 2
Brilliant Bodies activities 3
Brilliant Bodies activities 4
Brilliant Bodies activities 5
Brilliant Bodies activities 6
Brilliant Bodies activities 7
Brilliant Bodies activities 8
Brilliant Bodies activities 9
Brilliant Bodies activities 10

The 5 Senses

This week we have been learning all about our 5 senses

We read the book 'My 5 senses' and have explored our sense of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight in a range of senses activities...

In Maths we have used our sense of taste to sort different foods into sweet or savoury groups during a tasting activity.

With Mrs Barry we have had the change to explore our sense of touch on a sensory walk! We walked through a range of different things like jelly, rocks, and even beans! We even used 'WOW words' to describe how they felt.

We tested our hearing when we went on a listening walk around the school, and we were quiet enough to hear a range of different noises! We also played a listening game where we had to use our listening ears to identify everyday sounds (this was tricky!).

We have been learning about our different body parts and learnt how to say them in Welsh. We sung the welsh version of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' = 'Pen, ysgwyddau, coesau, traed' to help us remember!

This week we have carried on with our 'Music and Movement' PE sessions with Upbeat Wales, and look forward to moving our bodies again in next weeks lesson with Miss Charlotte!



Our 5 Super Senses activities

Our 5 Super Senses activities 1
Our 5 Super Senses activities 2
Our 5 Super Senses activities 3
Our 5 Super Senses activities 4
Our 5 Super Senses activities 5

Shhh... Reception on the listening walk!

Shhh... Reception on the listening walk! 1
Shhh... Reception on the listening walk! 2

Music and Movement with 'Upbeat Wales'!

Music and Movement with 'Upbeat Wales'! 1
Music and Movement with 'Upbeat Wales'! 2
Music and Movement with 'Upbeat Wales'! 3
Music and Movement with 'Upbeat Wales'! 4


This week we have been reading 'Trumpet, the little elephant with the big temper.' We have been exploring our different feelings in both English and Welsh.  We have been making masks and responding to 'Sut wyt ti?' and painting our feelings on plates. We have also been making biscuits and made a face according to how we were feeling.

We talked about how we felt each day and how it was ok to sometimes feel sad or angry but we also found out that these feelings didn't last for long and we soon felt happy again.

We have also been learning about natural and man made objects and have been making faces using a variety of these materials and talking about which materials we used and why.

In Maths we have been learning about money and matching 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. We talked about each coin and described them by colour, shape and size.

Learning how to spend money in the shop!

Learning how to spend money in the shop! 1
Learning how to spend money in the shop! 2
Learning how to spend money in the shop! 3
Learning how to spend money in the shop! 4