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Blwyddyn 3 - Year 3

Croeso i Fflwyddyn 3!

Welcome to Year 3!


This year, our classes are:

Dosbarth Glas - Miss Allen

Dosbarth Coch - Mr Evans


The classes will be supported by Mrs Atkins, Mr Davies, Mrs Morgan and Miss Phillips.

Year 3 PPA teachers will be Miss Perryman and Mrs MacFarlane.



Physical Education / Addysg Grofforol

Both classes will have their PE lesson on a Tuesday.  Children must come to school on a Tuesday wearing their PE kit. Please ensure all PE kit is labelled clearly.


Please wear the following items to school on a Thursday:

  • T-Shirt / Crys-T
  • Shorts / Siorts
  • Trainers or daps / Esgidiau chwaraeon


Our School Day

Mr Evans - Year 3 Coch 

Start time: 8:40

Finish time: 2:40 


Miss Allen - Year 3 Glas 

Start time: 8:50 

Finish time: 2:50 


Water / Dwr

Please provide your child with a bottle of water each day. They will have opportunities throughout the day to refill their own bottles. 



Reading and Spelling / Darllen a Sillafu

Reading books will be accessed via the Collins E-books website.  All children received a hand-out in the Spring term which has their personal login details on.  If your child needs a reminder of their login please contact your class teacher.  We would like children to be reading at least one book per week via the Collins E-books website at home.  A new book will be allocated every Friday.


Your child will also be given a spelling practice sheet to take home every Friday.


World of Water

Croeso! Welcome back! We are so excited to have everybody back in school and to start our brand new topic, 'World of Water'. This is a Science based topic which will give us plenty of opportunities to carry out experiments and investigations!  We will be looking at the water cycle, different types of clouds, animal and plant life in water, food chains and sustainability. 


Our big questions for this topic include:

- Where does rain come from?

- What is a food chain?

- How can I help our world of water?


We will also be adding to these big questions through pupil voice as we explore the topic.

Below is our topic overview for our 'World of Water' topic:


Winter Workshop

Our final project of the Autumn term is 'Winter Workshop'. This project has  a STEM and Design and Technology focus.  The children will spend time planning, designing and creating their own snow globes.  As well as a heavy D&T focus with the design and making process, we will also be exploring the properties of materials to inform our decisions. 


Our big questions for this project include:

-  Why do we use different materials for different objects?

- How will I make a snow globe?

A Place in Time

Our project for the next 4 weeks is called 'A Place in Time'. In Year 3, we will be looking at 'The Past 20 Years'.  We will be exploring major events and changes in clothes, toys and technology. 


Our big questions for this topic include:

- What happened in the 90s?

- How has technology improved in the past 20 years?

Life on Earth

Throughout October, our topic will be 'Life on Earth'. We will be particularly focusing on the life cycle of a frog, animal habitats and the six main groups of animals.


Our big questions for this project include:

-  What is metamorphosis?

- What do animals need to survive?

New Beginnings!

Welcome back!  We are all so excited to see Year 3 on Thursday 3rd September 2020.


This year we will be focusing on monthly projects.  Our first Project for the month of September is 'New Beginnings'. This project will have a wellbeing focus, where we will be carrying out various activities to ensure the children feel settled upon returning to school.


Our big questions for this project include:

-  Who am I?

-  What makes me amazing?

-  What does my life look like?

Accessing Google Classroom from Home

To access Google classroom pupils can download a FREE app via the App store on an ipad or iphone and via the Google Play Store on Android devices. Pupils then need to sign in using the username and password

provided to them by the class teacher. 


To access google classroom on a laptop or PC pupils need to go to and sign in with their HWB details.


Forgotten your HWB details?  No problem, notify your class teacher and they can help you out.