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Blwyddyn 5 - Year 5

Croeso i Fflwyddyn 5!

Welcome to Year 5!

This year, our classes are:

Dosbarth Coch - Mr McLeod

Start Time 8:40

Finish Time 2:40


Dosbarth Glas - Miss Davies 

Start Time 8:50

Finish Time 2:50


The classes will be supported by Mr Blunt, Miss Phillips, Mrs Canham, Miss Annmarie and Mrs Nazir.

Year 5 PPA teachers will be Miss Perryman and Mrs MacFarlane.

Physical Education / Addysg Grofforol

Both classes will have their P.E. lesson on a Wednesday.  Children must come to school on a Wednesday wearing their P.E. Kit.


Please wear the following items to school on a Wednesday:

T-Shirt / Crys-T

Shorts / Siorts

Tracksuit / Traciau

Trainers  / Esgidiau chwaraeon


Please ensure all P.E. kit is labelled clearly.

Homework and Spellings


Homework and spellings will be set weekly via Google Classroom. Every pupil has been given a unique log on, if this is mislaid or you have any difficulties logging on, please see your classroom teacher.


Homework  will be set on Friday and is due on Thursday.

Spellings will be set on a Monday and test will take place on a Friday.


Reading Books


All pupil should have now received their new eBook log ins. Books can be viewed through any mobile device, using the pupils individual log in. Pupils will be allocated a new Reading Book every Wednesday.


Please encourage your child to read often at home..


Below are some examples of questions you could ask your child to help them become better readers.


Accessing Google Classroom from Home

To access Google classroom pupils can download a FREE app via the App store on an ipad or iphone and via the Google Play Store on Android devices. Pupils then need to sign in using the username and password

provided to them by the class teacher. 


To access google classroom on a laptop or PC pupils need to go to and sign in with their HWB details.


Forgotten your HWB details?  No problem, notify your class teacher and they can help you out.

New Beginnings!


This year we will be focusing on monthly projects. 



Our first Project for the month of September is "New Beginnings."


This project will have a Well-being focus. Pupils will be participating a number of different activities to ensure that they where feel safe and happy upon returning to school.


Our big question for this project is:

"How does life start?"

Aboriginal Art

Life of Earth


Our topic for the month of October is 'Life on Earth'.



This project will be focusing on plant life. This will include characteristics of living things, pollination and photosynthesis.


Our big question for this project is:

"Are plants similar to humans?"



Stunning Start- Dissect Flowers

A Place in Time


Welcome back, we hope you all had a happy and safe October half term break. 


Our project for November is called 'A Place in Time'



This project has a focus on unique moments in History that have changed the World, including significant historical figures.  In Year 5, we will be looking at 'How society has changed over time'.  We will be linking our project to this months focus of 'Black History Month'.


We will be exploring how society has changed over time, focusing on influential people of the black community. This will include Rosa Parks, Mae Jemison, Nelson Mandela and Mary Seacole.


Our big questions for this project is:

"How has society changed over time?"



Telling the Time - Outdoor Learning Day

Winter Workshop


Our project for the month of December is 'Winter Workshop'.




This topic will focus on design and technology. Pupils investigate how different toys are made in order to design, construct and evaluate their own toy.


Pupils will also be getting very creative designing and making their own Christmas Stockings and Christmas Wreaths using their textile skills.


Our big question is:

'How do toys move?'



Our First Week Back


We have had a great first week back after home schooling.

We have loved seeing our friends, playing together and having some fun.

Happy Easter Break


Well it has been a very different Spring Term this year that most consisted of online learning with the final two weeks being completed with face to face learning.  The children have worked so hard and can now have two weeks at home to relax and enjoy a well earned rest.


Remember Monday 16th April 2021 is an INSET day.  Children return on Tuesday 17th April 2021.

Have a great break and we will see you all on Tuesday 17th April 2021.


Materials Matter


Our topic for the Summer Term is 'Materials Matter'. This is a Science based topic which will focus on the properties of different materials, their uses and their sustainability. We will be carrying our a range of different investigations to try and answer our big questions:


'Is Jelly a liquid or a solid?'

'Can a change ever be reversible?'

'Can we classify all things as a state of matter?'


We hope that the pupils will have some of their own big questions too.


Overview for Materials Matter

Balloon Science Investigation

Planting Sunflowers 🌻