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Blwyddyn 6 - Year 6

Croeso i Fflwyddyn 6!

Welcome to Year 6!

This year, our classes are:

Dosbarth Glas - Mr Horton

Dosbarth Coch - Mr Guinee

The Y6 classes will be supported by Mrs McDonald and Miss Brookes. 

Year 6 PPA teachers will be Miss Perryman and Mrs McFarlane.


Year 6 Coch - 8.40am until 2.40pm

Year 6 Glas - 8.50am until 2.50pm 


Physical Education / Addysg Grofforol

Both classes will have their P.E. lesson on a Monday.  Children must come to school on a Monday wearing their P.E. Kit.


Please wear the following items to school on a Monday:

  • T-Shirt / Crys-T
  • Shorts / Siorts
  • Tracksuit / Traciau
  • Trainers  / Esgidiau chwaraeon


Please ensure all P.E. kit is labelled clearly.


This half term in PE we will be covering the following topics: 

Mr Guinee - Dosbarth Coch - Football skills

Mr Horton - Dosbarth Glas - Athletics

Outdoor Theatre Macbeth

Seren a Sbarc Day 2021

Happy Easter Break

Well it has been a very different Spring Term this year that most consisted of online learning with the final two weeks being completed with face to face learning.  It has been a pleasure teaching Year 6 this term.  The children have worked so hard and can now have two weeks at home to relax and enjoy a well earned rest.


Our topic after Easter is going to be 'Forces in Motion' we have placed a link to the topic overview below. 


Remember Monday 16th April 2021 is an INSET day.  Children return on Tuesday 17th April 2021.

Have a great break and we will see you all on Tuesday 17th April 2021.


Mr Guinee & Mr Horton

Summer Term Topic Overview

Return to School March 2021

Singing Practise Outdoors

World War 2 Diary Entries 



Dear Michaela,

Last week I was evacuated to North Wales.I am writing to tell you all about my journey so far.

         In the morning my mum told me i was going on an adventure without her and told me to pack a case with some clothes and books.After I had some cornflakes and got dressed.It was 11am when my mum took me to the train station and on the way she told me what is happening and I was terrified.  For the train journey my mum made me a ham sandwich and a bottle of water.When I got to the train station we had to line up and Mr.Mcleod was going to be our teacher for now.

        I got on the train and waved goodbye to my mum,my mum was crying and so was I but I tried to stay strong/My dad wasn't there since he was training.On the train I sat by Tracy and we sung songs and laughed.When sir said we could I ate my sandwich and drank my water.A little girl was sick out the window it was disgusting I felt like throwing up myself!

         Finally we got to our destination.I was so nervous my heart was pounding,I felt like I was going to get chosen last.But when we got there we had to walk for ages!It took us an hour to get to the village hall.When we were at the hall there were a bunch of families waiting to choose children.This nice lady was looking for 2 young girls and chose Zoe and I.We were so excited you wouldn't understand!when she took us to her house she showed us our room,it is lovely it has pretty pink bedding,flowery wallpaper and a nice wooden desk and wardrobe.She told us to call her Cindy instead of Mrs.Jones and that Thomas and Evan will be home soon.Thomas is their son hes 16 and he goes to work with his father Evan.

        I like living with the Jones family they're super nice and let us stay up till 9pm!They own a shop and let us help out a lot.They also have a dog called Sammy he's a German Shepherd and we love taking him on walks.On the weekend the shop is really busy and we get 5p each for helping out!Once a week Thomas takes us to the park and gives us a biscuit!I like it here but i'm worried that my parents are in danger and they could get killed at any time.

Your friend 




Dear Ezmay 


Last week where was evacuated to the west wales and i'm going to tell you all about it and it's going to be fun 

        My brother,sister and i we all walked in school and we took some bread and apples,gas mask,ration book and a id label we had to say goodbye to my mum and dad we got on the train and I didn't know where i was going to but on the way we seen some sheep and cows.

      On the train journey it was a really long way its like it lasted forever I have never seen a sheep and cow before there so  cool  then Mr Guinee told us we can eat our bread apples we past lots of hills and fields and same small town on the way

     At long last we arrived and so we all got of the train a girl called Ava was sick on the train and of the train and there was billing offices waiting for us and made us us go in a line people started to walk up to us but in the time i didn't know what was going on this girl said i will pick this girl and that girl was me! I said what is going on and she said i'm going to be your new mum i said can my sister and my brother come with and she said yes! I was so happy 

       When we got to our new home? It was so big. I like it a bit here and the house was really old. She showed us around the place i love my new room and they have they own shop it haves lots of sweets here i felt like it was a Dream I like here this place has lots of flowers and a park i'm going to message mum late and i'm going to tell about my new family  and there's a lot of stuff here 

I will write more when something interesting happens 

I hope your okay!


Your old friend 



Children In Need

A place in Time

STEM activities with BBC Microbit

Autumn Half Term

Our Y6 Classes

First Half Term Completed 23/10/20

We have arrived at the end of our first half term.  It has been wonderful to be back in the classroom learning properly this half term.  We hope that your children have enjoyed being back too.  It has been a busy half term.  We have completed two projects in class, New Beginnings and Life on Earth.  The children have settled well into school life and have really impressed us with their attitudes to learning and their work ethic.  We really hope this continues through the year.  


We have two new topics planned next half term including A place in time where we will focus on an aspect of WWII and then in the lead up to Christmas our class project will be 'Winter Workshop' where the children will design and create a something that can be sold or given as a gift.  We are really looking forward to these projects.  


High School applications have to be completed by November 23rd.  Please ensure that you do this for your child.  Three children were left without a place last year because the applications were not completed on time.  If you are applying for St Iltyds and you want to apply for Eastern High as a back up you will need to obtain an application form from St Iltyds and apply online for Eastern High.  Please note you will not be able to list St Iltyds as your first choice online.  This is ok.  List Eastern High as your first choice online (St Iltyds) will still be your first choice.  Hope this makes sense.  


Enjoy your half term break.  Your children have worked really hard and deserve a rest.  Keep yoursleves safe and we will see you on November 2nd 2020.  


Many thanks,


Mr Horton & Mr Guinee



Welcome back! 7th September 2020
It is great to have so many pupils back this week. It has been a refreshing dose of normality to be back in school teaching and learning. We hope you are all well. We are really looking forward to teaching your children this year. If any problems arise or you wish to discuss anything please don't hesitate to let us know by calling the main office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

PE days are Monday. Please send your child to school wearing PE kit as we do not currently have the capacity to allow children to change. It doesn't matter if they are not in school uniform on the day they have PE. Please allow your children to come to school in a tracksuit. If the weather is inclement we will still try to get them outdoors for PE.

We have sent home letters with your child's ICT login details. It is important that they can access the Rowling - Google Classroom by logging in with their Hwb details. Please help your child to do this this weekend. Every child that has signed up will receive 10 dojo points. We will be setting homework tasks and class tasks via this platform so it is really important that they can access it.

We've spent two days with the children and we have had a really good start together. It is a pleasure to be able to teach your children and we look forward to the year ahead.

We will update you via this platform with anything that arises throughout the year. Until next time,

Mr Guinee & Mr Horton

Accessing Google Classroom from Home

To access Google classroom pupils can download a FREE app via the App store on an ipad or iphone and via the Google Play Store on Android devices. Pupils then need to sign in using the username and password

provided to them by the class teacher. 


To access google classroom on a laptop or PC pupils need to go to and sign in with their HWB details.


Forgotten your HWB details?  No problem, notify your class teacher and they can help you out.

Our Poetry

Save The Rainforest


Join your neighbour,

Join your friend,

Before rainforests reach their end,

Oils, might never be seen again

Fuel, will run out quickly and then,

Cocoa, will never be in your mouth, 

Tea, shall not be found all throughout, 

These forests,

They can not rebirth, 

They are the lungs of the earth,

Join your neighbour,

Join your friend,

Before rainforests reach their end,

Breathing in and out they help us live, 

Yet we still cut them down, along with,

Our machines going boom crash kapow!

The time to act is now,

Join your neighbour,

Join your friend,

Before rainforests reach their end. 


By Karis





Down in the rainforest what did I see?

I saw sloths carefully climbing up the tree.

I saw parrots swaying in the breeze.

I saw plants opening like a oyster under the sea


Down in the rainforest what did I hear?

I heard bears grunting in the far breeze.

I heard bees buzzing in my ear.

I heard frogs croaking under the rocks.


Down in the rainforest what did I feel?

I felt silky leaves on my arms like dog fur.

I felt raindrops running down my back.

I felt the breeze attacking me from behind


Down in the rainforest what did I smell?

I smell fresh grass tickling my feet.

I can smell flowers dancing on the ground.

I can smell bananas calling out at me.


Down in the rainforest what did I see?

I saw leaves creeping behind me.

I saw jaguars jumping over me. 

I saw monkeys looking at me.


By Morgan

Our Non-chronological Reports


The Malta Beach Dragon

The Malta Beach Dragon is a rare form of dragon that can only be seen in extremely hot weather.

    Malta beach dragons are hard to identify as they camouflage in sand and are really hard to see. They are the size of a horse and have thick scales that feel like dry sand. Adult beach dragons are a yellowish color that helps them hide in sand. However juveniles are dark orange that helps them hide in mud from predators like seagulls and seals.

     Beach dragons are found across the city of Malta especially in beaches and caves by the sea where they feel warmest. They nest in caves and because they only fly when sea is near the shore they are rarely seen.

       While most dragons are known for hoarding treasure Beach dragons are only interested in collecting shells  some have even collected millions of shells. These big and shy dragons are carnivores but they are no danger to humans; they only eat small animals like fish and crabs. They can not be held as household pets as they need a lot of room to sleep and fly and they only eat raw food. 

      Dragonologists are worried as people are killing them and selling parts of their body for money to save these beautiful dragons, dragon lovers must fight. It would be disastrous if another dragon became extinct.  


By Morgan


The Lunar Moon Dragon 

The lunar moon dragon is a very unique dragon which can only be seen in mornings, sunset and nights.

    These lunar moon dragons are really hard to identify because it can camouflage itself. They are the size of a lion and have shiny and beautiful patterns all over it. Adult lunar moons are a yellowish orange colour which helps them to blend in with most things for example the sunset. However, juveniles have a white tinge. 

     The lunar moon dragons are found in Cardiff especially in Llanrumney. They love to play in fields where they feel free and safe. They like to nest in trees with orange leaves and because they fly at midnight when they think it's safe they are rarely seen.

   Whilst dragons are known for playing in flowery fields Lunar moons are not interested in flowers because they are allergic to them so they tend to stay away from flowers. They are only interested in playing with their fire breath and four lunar Moon dragons have competed to win a fire breathing contest and have become WORLD CHAMPION!! These big and beastly creatures are carnivores. They love to eat meat. Lunar Moon dragons are very vicious and they are definitely a danger to humans. If a human was to keep one as a pet I will pray for you.  

    Dragonologists are worried because these dragons have killed 5 people by accident. Lunar Moon dragons are in danger because people are trying to kill them for killing their loved ones. Lunar Moons have been mistaken for another species and therefore are spotted. To protect humans and dragons. Dragon lovers must stop hunting them and they should really leave them be and they must keep indoors when winter comes because Lunar Moon dragons get very irritated because sometimes they swallow cold snowflakes and that prevents them from breathing fire. It would be disastrous if another species of dragons became extinct. 


 By Chelsey 


The Venom Dragon

The Venom Dragon is a really rare form of dragon that can only be seen at 3:00 AM.

      Venom Dragons are hard to identify because they are the biggest dragon in the void. They are the size of a blue whale  and adult Venom Dragons have a blackish tinge and they hide in caves.They are also a purple colour.

       Venom Dragons Are normally found in New York city 

especially in parks and crystal caves that is where dragons probably feel safest!! Venom Dragons nest in bushes,caves and parks their eggs are the size of a mansion and you don't often see them. 

        Whilst dragons are interested in gold diamond and silva but  Venom dragons are not interested they are only interested in playing Fortnite and Roblox indeed some have become champions.They behave really badly when it comes to humans,insects,animals and more .

        Dragonologists are really worried about the Venom dragons poisoning humans in New York. The humans are in danger from this mysterious creature.The problem is that  our venom and it could poison humans. They are a danger because if u go near one u would get hurt dragon lovers can help by staying away form this creature. 


By Payton


The Bubble Dragon

The bubble dragon is a rare form of dragon that can only be seen during daylight.

     Bubble dragons are easily identified as  they are the size of a chair. Bubble dragons are a light grey and have blue and white spots all over.

     Bubble dragons live across the city of New York especially in parks and shops where they feel safest

     whilst most dragons are known for hoarding treasure Bubble dragons have no interested in gold silver or precious stones in fact they are only interested in catching bubbles and five Bubble dragons have won an award for blowing the biggest Bubble in the world.

     Dragonologists have been concerned for many years as bubble dragons do not eat they only drink. Dragon lovers should leave soapy water out in snowy weather. It would be disastrous if another species of dragon became extinct. 




Mathemateg - Place Value Autumn Term

New Beginnings Project - Working Hard in Class