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Welcome to the Parents and Carers page.  Here you will find useful information and updates from school . If you have any difficulty obtaining a printed copy of these forms please notify the school.  

Free School Meals

A reminder that Free School Meal provision will be changing to a voucher scheme from this Monday 6th, April and will be extended to cover what would have been the two week school Easter holiday period.

The new voucher scheme will replace the grab bag packed lunches which have been delivered to schools since Monday 23rd March. 
Parents and carers of children currently receiving Free School Meals will be sent a downloadable voucher to the value of £40 for the benefit of their eligible child/children which can be spent in one of the following supermarkets; 
- Tesco
- Asda
- Sainsbury’s
- Morrisons
- Marks & Spencer 
- Waitrose.
Arrangements for Free School Meals following the Easter break will be communicated in due course. 
The Council has successfully delivered 45,000 grab bags children to collect and takeaway to eat off site however the new scheme will assist measures in reducing social contact, as announced by UK Government. 
Families who are eligible will receive a letter with details of the voucher directly from the Council, in the next few days.

Click here to view a copy of the letter:

To apply for Free School Meals, email

Corona Virus Information

We attach the latest links to the websites providing advice and guidance in relation to the Coronavirus.

As we move from the containment phase to the delay phase the advice primarily remains the same – good personal hygiene, avoid bodily contact.

Corona Virus

The overall risk to the UK remains moderate, however people are understandably concerned. As concerns continue to grow around the potential for the Coronavirus to affect more people in Britain, the council has announced a raft of measures designed to deal with, and help contain, any future outbreak.


Cleansing regimes in all schools have been boosted with more targeted cleans focused on areas likely to aid transmission like hand rails and door handles etc. These will begin immediately.


Posters are also on display to advise staff, parents pupils and visitors to wash their hands regularly. Hand washing, along with avoiding touching your face with your hands, is the most effective way to stop the transmission of Covid-19 and other colds and flu.


The ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ message – which is about using tissues to cough or sneeze into - will also be seen on posters around council properties.

Useful Information Sources for Coronovirus


The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and is taking actions at home and abroad.

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline - There is a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows: