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Here is a list of the STAFF and GOVERNORS who make Bryn Hafod Primary School what it is today. Check back regularly, as this list is always updated!

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Rhian Lundrigan - Executive Headteacher /  Child Protection


Ceri Porter - Head of School


Mr Walters  - Assistant Headteacher, Child Protection and ALNCo



Jo Griffiths -Teacher

Nicola Morgan - LSA

Claire Barry - LSA



Ruby Humphries - Teacher

Zeph Shears - Teacher

Emma Moore - Teacher

Louise Phillips - LSA

Emily Lewis - LSA

Hannah Osbourne - LSA

Rhonda Fleming - LSA


Year 1

Catrin Coleman - Teacher

Athena Spiteri - Teacher 

Natalie Richards - LSA

Kath Atkins - LSA


Year 2

Charlotte Jarvis - Teacher

Tara Natkar - Teacher

Emily Proctor- LSA

Mike Aslett - LSA


Foundation Phase Intervention Team - Rhiannon Dawkes and Sue Williams

1:1 Support staff - Kathryn Jones, Carla Joyce, Annie Cann, Dan Hathway and Chloe Britton


Year 3

Rachel Allen - Teacher

Daniel Williams - Teacher

Ella James-Mellitt - LSA


Year 4

Olivia Hewitson - Teacher

Mark Horton - Teacher

Danielle Routledge - LSA

Shaz Naseem - LSA


Year 5

Stuart McLeod - Teacher

Rachel Frizzell - Teacher

Nicola Atkins - LSA

Norhan Alniaimy - LSA


Year 6

Dave Guinee - Teacher 

Paul Evans - Teacher

Mirela Long - LSA

Matthew Brown - LSA


Key Stage 2 Intervention Team - Gabby Canham, Ali Collier, Jo McDonald

1:1 Support Staff - Jackie O'Keefe, Sam Morgan, Annemarie McLaughlin

Whole School ELSA - Leanne Rutter



Gemma Perryman

Lucy McFarlane


Rainbow Class

Sam Ekstrom-Gabb - Teacher

Alison John - LSA

Lynda Lewis - LSA

Cory John - LSA


SRB Unit

Karen Davies - Teacher

Matthew Normansell - Teacher

Paula Jones - LSA

Danielle Webster - LSA

Amy Bishop - LSA

Nicola Jones - LSA


Forest Schools

Joanne Walters - Teacher

Frances Johnson - LSA



Non Teaching Staff:



Gail Johnsey

Amanda Parker


Estate Manager:

Frances Johnson


Kitchen Manager:

Elaine Harrington

Welcome to the Governors' section!


The Governing Body of The Rainbow Federation - Bryn Hafod Primary School and Glan-yr-Afon welcomes you to our website, and hope you find it very informative and inspiring.


As a Governing Body, we assist the Executive Headteacher in strategically leading the school to ensure it provides the very best teaching and learning experiences, the very best curriculum, and the very best care, support and guidance, for every single pupil with us.


Across the Rainbow Federation, leaders have children’s safety, welfare and learning at the forefront of all decision-making. Each member of staff and each governor is a leader of at least one aspect of the school’s life, working as a strong team to improve and raise standards. Pupil voice, through the School and Eco Councils, and parent consultation through regular meetings, parent-council and surveys, mean that the whole school community is part of the consultation and decision making process.


The Executive Headteacher and her Senior Leadership Team work with all aspects of the school community to identify priorities, plan and action developments for these, and to closely monitor impact and outcomes. The Governing Body monitors school improvement priorities through regular visits to the school for meetings and learning walks; it also spends time on scrutiny of documentation and ensures that a rigorous appraisal procedure of the Executive Headteacher and staff is adhered to. In all, the inclusive ethos of high expectations across The Rainbow Federation is key to the successful learning of all our children.


Dr Lesley Noaks

Chair of the Governing Body


Meet the Governors':

Dr Lesley Noaks - Chair

Mr John Brown - Vice Chair

Mrs Rhian Lundrigan - Executive Headteacher

Miss Suzy Thompson

Mrs Gina Mountstephens

Miss Jo Griffiths

Mrs Leanne Rutter

Miss Kelly Wall

Miss Katie Hayes

Mrs Claire Russell

Mrs Jean Fudge

Mr Josh Jones

Mrs Heather Morgan

Mrs Rachel Johnson

Mr Tony Powell