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Here is a list of the STAFF and GOVERNORS who make Bryn Hafod Primary School what it is today. Check back regularly, as this list is always updated!
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Rhian Lundrigan - Head Teacher /  Child Protection


Ceri Porter - Deputy Head Teacher


Mr Walters  - Nurture and ALNCo



Jo Griffiths -Teacher

Weronika Pawelek - LSA

Sue Williams - LSA



Sian Usher - Teacher

Ruby Humphries - Teacher

Rhiannon Dawkes - LSA

Claire Barry -  LSA

Maria Fields - LSA

Georgia Johnson - LSA

Sarah Anthony - LSA



Year 1

Zeph Shears - Teacher

Emily Lewis - LSA


Sinead Sheedy - Teacher

Jo Walters - Teacher


Alison Collier - Interventions LSA


Year 2

Catrin Richards - Teacher (Foundation Phase Leader)

Kathryn Atkins - LSA


Alison Grosvenor - Teacher

Mirela Long - LSA


Leanne Rutter - Interventions LSA


Year 3

Graham Matthews - Teacher (Key Stage 2 Leader)


Sarah Evans - Teacher


Nicola Atkins - LSA

Verity Birch - LSA


Year 4

Kristi Davies - Teacher


Theresa Long - Teacher



Nicola Atkins - LSA

Verity Birch - LSA


Year 5

Stuart Mcleod - Teacher


Paul Evans - Teacher


Georgia Brooks - LSA


Year 6

Dave Guinee - Teacher


Mark Horton - Teacher


Jo McDonald - LSA



Rhys Walters - Teacher

Alison John - LSA

Lynda Lewis - LSA



SRB Unit

Karen Davies - Teacher

Matthew Normansell - Teacher

Paula Jones - LSA

Danielle Webster - LSA

Amy Bishop - LSA





Non Teaching Staff:



Gail Johnsey

Amanda Parker


Estate Manager:

Frances Johnson


Kitchen Manager:

Elaine Harrington










Governing Body Members



Josh Jones - Chair of Governors

John Brown -Vice Chair of Governors

Jodie Seagrim - Parent Governor

Claire Russell - Parent Governor

Rachel Johnson

Phil Sheedy

John Brown

Tony Powell

Esme Aviet

Heather Morgan

Wendy Rowlands

Emma Dalton - Parent Governor

Roger Grosvenor

Rhian Lundrigan (HT)

Ceri Porter

Graham Matthews

Lynda Lewis


Mrs Grace Wilmott - Clerk to Governors)