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Blwyddyn 1 - Year 1

Croeso i Fflwyddyn 1! 

Welcome to Year 1!


Our classes this year are:

Dosbarth Glas - Miss Sheedy & Mrs Walters, Miss Hollisey

Dosbarth Coch - Mrs Shears, Miss Lewis



Healthy snack is available from school and costs £1 per week or 20p a day if you would like your child to receive school snack.  If you would rather provide your own snack, you may also send in a healthy snack for your child to have during snack time.  



Dosbarth Glas will have P.E. on a Tuesday.

Dosbarth Coch will have P.E. on a Thursday.


Please bring the following items on P.E. days:

T-Shirt / Crys-T

Shorts / Siorts

Trainers or daps / Esgidiau chwaraeon


Please ensure all P.E. kit is clearly labelled.


Reading books

Your child will be given a reading book for home reading, and a reading record for comments.  These books will be changed weekly if the children have read their book.  Please leave a comment in their reading record so the teachers know that the book is ready to be changed during the week.  Please return books and reading records by a Thursday each week.



Spring 1

Our topic this half term is 'Superheroes'.  As part of this topic we will be comparing and contrasting the different features of some popular Superheroes, creating our own Superheroes and super powers, and looking at the real-life Superheroes that exist all around us.


The 3 big questions we will be trying to answer during this topic are:

- What different powers do Superheroes have?

- What does being a 'Superhero' really mean?

- Are there any real-life Superheroes?


Don't forget our Superhero Topic Engage Day on Tuesday 8th January 2019.  Year 1 Children are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite Superhero!

Blwyddyn 1 / Year 1 Superheroes Topic Web Spring 1

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is 'Dinosaur Discovery'.  As part of this topic we will be covering a wide variety of activities and skills to answer the following big questions:

- When were dinosaurs alive?

- What were the features of different dinosaurs?

- Where did dinosaurs live?


Year 1 Dinosaur Discovery Topic Overview

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term is "Yr Ysgol".  During this topic we will be covering a range of skills whilst finding out the answers to the following big questions:


- Why do we go to school?

- How has Bryn Hafod and the local area changed over time?

- What helps us at school?

- Who are my friends?


We have attached our topic web map below.

Year 1 Yr Ysgol Topic Overview

Year 1 Glas visit to St Cadocs Church