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Healthy Heroes

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Croeso i Arwyr Iach!

Welcome to Healthy Heroes!






Pupil Voice Groups

Bryn Hafod has various pupil voice groups led by tecahers from all over our school.  The other pupil voice groups include Digital Leaders, Criw Cymraeg, Play Pals and School Council.




Bryn Hafod Healthy Heroes Pupil Voice Group

The Bryn Healthy Heros are a group of children that meet every fortnight within a pupil voice group. The group consists of pupils from Ks2 (Year 3-6) and Foundation Phase (Y1 and Y2).  We meet to discuss how we can improve the health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff by taking positive steps in making our school a Healthy place to work in. We have set priorities for the year and these are outlined below.  This page will be updated periodically by our Chairperson on a fortnightly basis with forthcoming events, news and information regarding any issues and actions that are to be undertaken.

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During a meeting, members of the Healthy Heroes designed our badge.

We decided on hero's with a healthy snack on their chest.

Who are we?


Max Rutter Year 6 Chairman

Aimee Deacon Year 6 Vice Chair Person

Ellie Butcher Year 6 Sectary

Curtis Janes Year 5

Lewisa-Bride Robison Year 3

Finley Shanahan Year 3

Keira Jones Year 3

Chiraag Mudgal Year 2

Kirsty Bryant Year 1

Omar Nadeem Year 1

Anthony  Manzenza Year 1

What have the Healthy Heroes been doing?

Healthy Snacks

Pupils in Key Stage 2 are encourage to bring a healthy snack to school for break times. The Healthy Heroes will be on looking out for those healthy snacks and rewarding pupils with a special sticker. A sticker also means that you earn a Class Dojo point!




Mile a day

Pupils from Nursery to Year 6 participate in a run a mile every day, where the weather allows. We have been learning about the benefits of the Mile a Day challenge.


Every morning, we are greeted at our classroom door by a member of our class. In class we then sit quietly, colouring our mandalas, listening to relaxing music. This gives us a nice calm start to the day and puts us in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.


Daily yoga sessions take place in class, usually after dinner. This gives us time to 'come down' after all the activities we take part in on the school yard, thanks to the Play Pals. These sessions are usually ran by a member of the class, not the class teacher. Our time to be in charge!

Healthy Heroes Action Plan

Healthy Heroes Priorities

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