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Welcome to Mrs Hughes-Moore/Mrs Walters and Mrs Usher's class page. Here you will find all the relevant and latest information about upcoming events and will be able to see what we have been getting up to in Reception. 

Commotion in the Ocean!

This week we have been learning about other creatures that live in the Ocean. We read a rhyming story called 'Commotion in the Ocean' where we found out about different creatures.


We finished writing about our trip to Porthcawl where the children frequently used words like 'wet' and 'windy!!'


The children are always eager to water our plants in the garden and discovered we had lots of potatoes!! The children proudly showed them to Mrs Lundrigan and other members of staff. The next day we washed them and ate them. They were delicious!


We also created crabs and fish from our handprints. They are amazing!  We have also been watching 'Blue Planet' and the children have been so interested in it, they keep asking really interesting questions about the different sea creatures.

This week we were learning about 'fish'. 


The children have been sorting and exploring varities of fish. We observed 'real' crabs, mackerel, sea bream and kippers. We learnt about the different parts of a fish such as 'gills', 'fins', 'tail' and 'scales'. The children also made observational drawings of 'real' fish. It's amazing how accurate their drawings were, thinking about shape and line as they did so.


On Tuesday we went to Porthcawl exploring the coastline and rockpools. Despite the weather being windy and wet, we did manage to climb the rocks, make stone towers and some of us even saw jellyfish and small sea creatures.


The children also made individual underwater creatures 'in a bag'. We changed the role play into "The Seaside" where the children played with mermaid tails, wore goggles and flip flops. 





This week we have been learning about Summer.  We have been learning about the names and order of the seasons and what makes each one special.

We have been making sunglasses in the creative area. The children have been choosing styles, colours and shapes.  Let's hope the good weather stays with us for a bit longer for us to get good use out of them.  

In Maths, we have been doing some problem solving where we had to find different combinations of 3 different flavoured ice-creams.  It really made the children think!

Sports Day was a huge success.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and fully participated in the events. 

We have also been learning about what the seaside is like now and what it was like a long time ago.  The children seemed particularly interested in the bathing machines and the clothes that people wore to the beach.

Under the Sea

Welcome back everybody! What lovely weather we are having and what a good introduction to our new topic 'Under the Sea.'  This week we have been learning about Summer. The children have been telling us all they know about Summer and what they want to know.  This will lead the pupils learning for the next seven weeks.  

We have been making ice-cream and we only used two ingredients!  The children thought it was scrumptious so did the adults!!  If you need to know the recipe, see Mrs Barry. 

The children have been finding out what clothes they would need to go on holiday and they have been taking turns to pack, discussing and comparing warm and cold weather clothing. We have also been learning about postcards and how to write them.

In Maths, we have been ordering numbers and finding out missing numbers, explaining how we know using mathematical vocabulary such as 'before' and 'after.'

We are busy practising for sports day next week, let's hope the good weather continues until then. We have been learning about lighthouses and their purpose.



Healthy Me!

This week we have been learning about healthy eating and exercise as a way of keeping ourselves fit and healthy. Mrs Barry was working with groups of children using an obstacle course, developing skills such as throwing and catching, dribbling football and running.

We have also been thinking about healthy lunchboxes, choosing a balance of healthy foods and drinks. The children have also been designing, choosing and eating healthy sandwiches.

In our writing, we have been writing menus for our cafe and choosing healthy food and drink. 

We have also been learning about 2D shapes and going on a shape hunt around the school. The children have been amazed at how many 2D shapes we have around us!

This week we have been learning about food from other countries. We read the story of Handa's Surprise and learnt the names of some fruits that don't grow in the UK such as bananas, guava, passion fruit and mango.  

The last group of children visited Morrisons on Monday. Morrisons have been extremely accommodating and patient with the children and we are very grateful for the opportunity to visit there.

 They all found it interesting and were lucky enough to taste different foods. After visiting the pizza department, the children wanted to make their own pizzas. Some children made a start today and chose different toppings. Unfortunately, they were unable to wait until home-time and ate it as soon as they made it. We talked about where pizzas come from and looked for the countries on the map.

We have also been learning about money and describing and matching 1p, 2p 5p and 10p coins.It's amazing how much you can buy for 1p from our school shop!  Some of us have been making combinations of money such as 3p and 4p.

This week we have been learning about fruit.  In Maths we have been learning about pictograms and collecting information about our favourite fruit.  We found out which was the most and least popular fruits in our class.

We made a repeating pattern using fruit kebabs. It didn't take long for the children to eat them!!

The children have been doing lots of rhyming activities through the story of 'Pass the Jam Jim.' We have also been printing with different fruits, matching the shapes made with the actual fruits. 

We also followed directions using a map.

Where does food come from?

This week we are learning where food comes from. Our second group visited Morrisons this morning.  They learnt about the different areas within the Supermarket. They tasted different types of food and watched a pizza being created from beginning to end. 

We read the story of the Little Red Hen and learnt about how bread is made. Mrs Barry has been working with small groups of children making bread. The smell was delicious!!!

This week we have been learning about Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We have been making faces from vegetables. Some of us chose mushrooms for eyebrows, courgettes for a mouth, green beans for spikey hair and radishes for eyes! The results were amazing and will be on display in our classrooms and on the website below. 

Some of us also visited Morrisons where we explored all the different food departments. We made our own pizzas, choosing a variety of toppings, we saw uncooked prawns which a child thought were cockroaches! Fortunately they weren't!  We visited the cheese counter and saw a huge Edam cheese which some children thought was a lollipop!

At the meat counter we spotted some pigs trotters. Nobody seemed to be buying these!!

In ICT the children have been learning to give and follow simple instructions, working with partners,  on the ipads and in the hall, moving in different directions. 

We also tasted a variety of vegetables, such as radish, beetroot, carrot, peppers and spring onions.  The children thought the spring onions were spicy and their favourite were the peppers.

Our Reception garden is really starting to bloom. The children are very good at taking care of the plants and are beginning to recall their names.

Welcome back everyone! We hope you are enjoying the lovely warm weather at last! We can't believe it's the Summer Term already! This term we are learning about food and where it comes from. 


This week we have been learning about how things grow and reading 'Jack and The Beanstalk.' Mrs Barry and the children have been making their own trees from natural materials and naming and labelling different parts of a tree.  Have a look at the pictures and see for yourself!


The children have been planting their own beans and writing their observations in their individual diaries.  We have also started to dig our own planting area in our Reception Garden. Mrs Field and the children have been working very hard digging sensory and vegetable patches. We are hoping for big things but the children are very eager to lend a helping hand.


We have also been busy making seed pictures using a variety of sizes and shapes.  We have had some amazing creations which will be proudly displayed in the classroom.

People Who Help Us

This week we have been learning about 'People Who help us in the community.' We talked about how the police, firefighters, rubbish collectors, dentists, hairdressers, doctors and many others help us.  

We had a big surprise on Monday when we were faced with a crime scene! Poor Humpty Dumpty had fallen off the wall! We had to discover who had pushed him! We had lots of clues and some amazing suggestions, some children even thought Mrs Barry may have been the culprit!!

They discovered that The Gingerbread man had done it but it was an accident and he was very sorry!

Some children made some emergency vehicles and used the internet to find information about how police dogs are trained.  

In Maths we were learning to add two amounts together by adding teeth (linked to the dentist) and in our writing the children were writing about what they want to be when they grow up. We had suggestions such as ballet dancer, make up artist, bus driver and even a teacher!!!


Welcome back to Spring Term 2 and what a start we've had! We will be learning about 'People Who Help Us.' We started off by learning about St David who helped people by spreading the news about Jesus.  

This week we have been learning about people who help us in the school. Mrs Barry has been taking groups of children around the school, asking staff what they did and who they were. The children were taking photographs of staff and these will be displayed on our Reception display board in the hall.

We have also been busy making exciting things for mothers day! 


This week we are learning about minibeasts. I'm not sure if we will find any buzzy bees but with all this rain I'm expecting to see a few worms! We have started making pancakes as it's shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) on February 13th.  The children have really enjoyed the experience and are able to talk about the changes before and after they are cooked.


On Friday we will be celebrating Chinese New year and 'Green Day.'

Farm Animals


We have been learning about farm animals this week. During our Pupil Voice discussions, the children wanted to know more about parent and baby animals.  We researched on the Internet and played some matching games and we learnt that a baby cow is not a cowlett!! but what a good guess!

We made some very creative animal masks which are on display in our classroom. Our maths activities involved counting in twos which linked well with our story about Noah.  We also played some listening games where we matched the sounds with the animals. 

In our writing, we used our key words to write sentences about our favourite animals.  Our role play, 'vets' remains ever popular and the children are becoming very good at diagnosing animal illnesses.


This week we have been learning about pets and what a pet is.  We talked about our own pets and how we care for them.  

In Maths we used a graph to collect information about our favourite pet.  We asked our friends and adults in the class.  We found out which animal most people liked and which animal the least number of people liked,  We counted how many of each animal there were.

We also went on a visit to 'Pets at Home' where the staff there were amazing!  The children had the opportunity of handling the animals and finding out how to care for them.  Thankfully they didn't have a rat for the children to look at!!!

On Wednesday Mr and Mrs Dawkes brought Millie the dog for a visit to our classes.  We learned so much about how to care for Millie.  I think she was better behaved than some of the children!  Thanks again both for giving up your time for such an invaluable experience for the children.  

The children have really enjoyed the role play area this week which has been set up as a vets.  They have been really good at taking on the various roles.  I think we may have some budding future vets!

We have been singing rhymes and songs about pets and learning some new Welsh songs.  Their favourite is 'Ci ydw i'

ask them to sing it to you!

Zoo Clues


This week we were learning about zoo animals and where they come from. We read 'Dear Zoo' and talked about 'wow' words which help us describe things. The children used words such as 'fierce,' 'tall,' 'fluffy' and 'cute' when describing the animals together with their colour and patterns.  We made some animal masks using the 'wow' words we had learnt.  

Mrs Barry made some 'elephant bread' with the children.  We used lots of maths skills to help us, thinking about the shapes we used for the face and the trunk. We compared the bread dough before and after it was cooked.  It tasted delicious and smelled yummy!

We played guessing games with the animals.  We described the animals for our friends and they had to guess which animal we were talking about.  We also made some sssscary snakes linking paper chains together which was really good for the children's fine motor skills. 

The children explored different animal patterns and matched the fabrics with the wild animals, again using 'wow' words to describe the different patterns. 

One of our challenges was to make a home for a wild animal and we had some amazing creations.  The children chose an animal and built a home appropriate for its size and needs. 

We sang lots of songs and rhymes about animals and read some fiction and non fiction books about wild and zoo animals which started a discussion about why we have zoos and if we really need them.

This week we have been learning about arctic animals and their habitats. We have been exploring polar animals in ice and problem solving how to get them out of the ice. We had some amazing suggestions, Some children thought we could 'smash' the ice, others thought we could put the ice in a fridge whilst some suggested we pour warm water over the ice. 

We made igloos and towers from sugar cubes. I'm sure we 'lost' some from the box!!! We made some wax resist snowflake paintings and painted some polar animals with 'cold' colours.  

On Monday 15th January we had a special treat. A specialist music teacher taught the children to use a variety of musical instruments, to clap the syllables in their names and sing some new action songs. 

The children made a den outside with a variety of materials and props which they sheltered in from a hail storm!!

This week we have been learning about 'Winter.' We went for a walk around the school looking for signs of Winter. We also made some Winter pictures using cotton buds and a choice of 'cold' colours.  We wrote and typed our names on iPads on a 'Wintery' background.  We played 'Winter Bingo' naming seasonal pictures and describing what they were used for.  We also talked about what we did during the day and put the pictures in order and we found out what busy children we are! We were finding out when our birthdays were and talking about months of the year.

Outside we made bird feeders and painted 'Winter' pictures. We can't wait to see if the birds have eaten any of our food!

Our topic for the second half of the Autumn Term 2017 is: 'Space.'

Please read the parent hand out below in order to see what we will be doing in Reception this half term.

Our topic for this term is 'Space.' We will be learning about the moon and planets. We will be dressing up as aliens, astronauts and spacepeople.  We will also be visiting Techniquest where we will experience a space workshop. A few weeks later we will be learning about reflections and shiny things which will lead us nicely into Christmas!   Later in the term, we will be visiting Rhondda Heritage Park where we will see Santa in his toy mine. At the end of the term we will be performing our Christmas play and having fun at our Christmas parties.


This week we were learning about colours.  We read 'Elmer' and talked about what it feels like to be different.  We also opened 'Santa's Grotto' ready for his visit on Monday 18th December. We helped Santa wrap presents for him to put on his sleigh.  

We also read 'Mouse Paint' which told us about mixing colours.  The children explored mixing colours in the creative activity.  We also began our Christmas preparations by making festive pictures and decorations.

On Thursday the children were amazing in our Christmas Concert.  We were so proud of their big voices and singing. What a great way to start our seasonal festivities!

This week we were learning about stars.  We read 'How to catch a star' and our challenge outside was to problem solve how to reach a star that had found itself in a tree.  The children came up with some amazing suggestions such as getting a ladder, flying in a rocket and getting a grown up to reach it!  


We looked at the work of Vincent Van Gough and studied his painting 'Starry Night.' The children talked about the colours and shapes the artist used. We also made a telescope and used it to look at things outside.  The children depicted what they saw.  Some drew their friends, others drew what they saw in the sky.  


On Friday 1st December, we went on a trip to Santa's Toy mine. We met a talking reindeer who knew who was on the good list before we even visited Santa!  We met Santa and told him what we hoped for as a present and had our photos taken with him.   We finished our trip off with a lunch in Santa's Christmas Marquee.


This week we have been learning about the planets.  We read the story 'Little Moon' and used the interactive white board to find out about planets in space. We played 'race to the moon' where we had to take turns and roll the dice, counting the number of squares to move.  We visited Techniquest and went into the space planetarium where the children went on a virtual trip to the moon. We explored the artefacts where the children investigated the amazing 'child friendly' resources.  

We have also been exploring simple 2D shapes and the children made some fantastic space pictures,using a variety of shapes and counting the number of shapes used.  We talked about different shapes we had for snack time, some had triangle bread, some had rectangle cheese and some had circle biscuits! Outside we timed ourselves to build shapes copying the outlines.  We were so happy when we beat the timer!

This week we were learning about the moon.  We read 'Whatever Next' and reinacted the story.  We made some 'owl on toast' which the children loved. They talked about what they would take to the moon and we built a rocket  from giant clixi blocks. We learnt new prepositions to describe where the alien was. 

This week we have been reading 'Aliens Love Underpants' as our focused text. The children loved it! They was different coloured and patterned pants and pegged them out to dry. The children dressed as aliens and tried to fly the rocket ship to Earth to find as many underpants as they could.  They sequenced the story and talked about their favourite part. They even made their own flying alien by combining vinegar and bicarbonate of soda!

The children also designed their favourite underpants and made amazing spaceships. They explored alien gloop and made their own aliens.  The children also talked about what they wanted to find out about the topic of space and they came up with some very exciting ideas which they will be exploring throughout the term.

Our topic for the first half of the Autumn Term 2017 is: 'Marvellous Me.'


Please read the parent hand out below in order to see what we will be doing in Reception this half term.

For the first half term we are learning about ourselves and where we live. We will be learning about friends, family, feelings, senses and our local area.  We will be going for a walk to the local shops to discover what each shop provides.  We will also be visiting the local library and borrow some topic books.


This week we have been learning about our senses. We went on a listening walk and drew pictures of what we heard.  We went on a sensory walk, using wow words to describe what it felt like when we walked through shredded paper, oats, warm and cold water, stones and baked beans. Some children were braver than others! 

We played a feely box game where we had to feel an object inside a box, describe it and match it with the object in front.

This week we have been learning about our bodies. We labelled Mrs Barry and found out about the names of different parts of the body.  We made a skeleton from recycled milk cartons. We read 'Funnybones,' chose our favourite skeleton and recreated it using chalks and different length straws.  We sang 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' in both English and Welsh.  We also matched pictures of our eyes with children in the class and played 'Guess who?'
We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears story as we were learning about families.We talked about how many people were in our family and we made a book to show family members.Our role play was the three bears cottage and we dressed up as the characters and retold the story. We made our own family tree using real leaves for each member of the family. In maths we chose the right sized spoon, bowl and bear and fed each bear their porridge, talking about small, medium and large. 
We have been learning about friends and how to be a good friend. We read the Rainbow Fish story and made our own rainbow fish. On each scale thought about what makes a good friend. We learned how to play together in the water, sharing and taking turns. We also took pictures of our friends using the iPad. We worked together to make a long train track and threaded Cheerios onto ribbon. 

School Uniform

At Bryn Hafod, we pride ourselves on our smart, comfortable and practical uniform.  We request that all of our children wear uniform in order to give us a sense of pride and belonging.


Boys Uniform

black trousers/shorts

white or green polo t-shirt

green jumper

black shoes/trainers (velcro preferable)


Girls Uniform

black skirt/trousers/pinafore

white or green polo t-shirt

green jumper/cardigan

black shoes (velcro preferable)

green check summer dress


Please ensure names are written in all items of clothing including footwear

Do not send children to school in expensive or dress clothes, shoes and coats

Your child will get dirty at school!





                                                                                       Snack                                        Image result for cartoon snack  

At Bryn Hafod, we feel it is very important for our youngest children to access a varied and healthy snack and drinks throughout the day.  Children begin to recognise when they are hungry or thirsty and learn to become independent in preparing and clearing away the utensils they need. Please provide £1 per week in your child's school bag.



Image result for cartoon school dinner                                Lunch                                        Image result for cartoon lunch


Reception children eat their lunch with the upper Foundation Phase classes and join them on the school playground.  It is your choice whether your child receives a hot school lunch or a packed lunch from home.


School Lunch

A healthy, well balanced meal is available for all children every school day.  The cost of a school lunch is £2.40 per day.  Please put money in an envelope, clearly labelled with your child's name every MONDAY.  If you feel your child may be eligible for free school meals, please request a form from the office and return it to County Hall.


Packed Lunch

As part of the 'Healthy Schools' initiative driven by the Welsh Government, please provide your child with a healthy, well-balanced packed lunch to eat in school.  Please ensure that all lunch bags, food pots and bottles are clearly labelled with your child's name and class written on it.

                                                      Breakfast Club                                   Image result for cartoon breakfast cereal

As part of the Welsh Government's 'Healthy Schools' initiative, Bryn Hafod provides a free, well balanced breakfast for all children aged 4 and above.  If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club, please request a form from the office.  Breakfast Club begins at 8 am.  Please arrive on time.

Image result for cartoon homework                                  Homework

Children will be allocated homework every FRIDAY.  We ask that you take the time to complete this and return on the following TUESDAY.

P.E                                                                                                                                                           Image result for cartoon pe

In Reception, we have continuous access to our fantastic outdoor area and garden so we are developing our physical skills all of the time.  We have a focused PE lesson in the main Foundation Phase hall every Tuesday.   

         Image result for cartoon book                     Reading Books                          

Once your child is ready for a reading book, we will send one home for you to share with your child.  Please bring reading books to school EVERYDAY in the book bag provided.