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Bryn Hafod Radio

Bryn Hafod Radio 2022


As part of the Creative Schools Project Y5 (Mr McLeod's Class) will be carrying out a 10 week project to create and present a live radio broadcast.  Our Y5 pupils will be working with Russell Prue, Richard Thair, Nigel Crowle and Sandra Harnisch-Lacey who will guide the children to create live broadcasts with exciting and informative information.  


Want to have a shout out live on the radio? 



Our final live show with Russell Prue is on Thursday 17th March 2022. This week we are also on a live video link! It’s a celebration - we are having a party! We will be giving our awards to our fabulous broadcasters!


Use this link on a weekly basis to access Bryn Hafod Radio Live or to view previous shows from our fabulous Y5 pupils.


Further Broadcasts will take place on a Thursday @ 2pm



Josh and Kally Online Virtual Zoom


The Year 5 pupils will have a live online zoom session this week with Josh and Kally from Capital Radio to kickstart their Radio project.

Radio Station News & Updates


Check here for updates relating to our Creative Schools Radio Station Project

About the Project


We are setting up a school radio station with the support of expert
practitioners. We will be working with three creative practitioners (CPs)over
the course of 11 weeks. The school owns a radio station, that has so far
not been used. The radio specialist, lead CP, will be setting up the school
radio and deliver 5 sessions at the school and 5 sessions online. The
learners will be researching, writing and delivering a radio broadcast each
week by developing original content and developing their creative habits in
the process.In March we are planning on adding a welsh dimension to our
broadcast, focusing on St David's Day. We will also be working with a
creative practitioner who will be developing a radio-play over two sessions
with the learners. Another CP the children will get the opportunity to work
with is a music producer, who will create original music, jingles and digital
content with the learners over the course of two days.
The learners will create up to nine radio broadcasts, which will be streamed
live on the project days and will also be available on the school website
following the broadcast. They will also create an original radio-play with
acoustic sound effects and original music, jingles and other digital content.
The project will culminate in a sharing event for parents, governors and
invited guests to attend the school to observe the final broadcast and
celebrate the learner's creativity.


The project will run for 10 weeks. The project will commence with a WOW
Week, where a radio celebrity will meet the children. The theme of running
a school radio will be introduced, research will be conducted and pupils will
have a voice in the direction of the project. The project will consist of five
face-to-face delivery session and five virtual sessions with the radio CP,
two face-to-face session with the creative writing CP and two face-to-face
sessions with the music CP, totalling 14 full-day sessions. 2 project days
per week will be delivered during week 2, week 3 and week 4 and 1 project
day will be delivered for each of the remaining weeks.


Being involved in the Lead Creative Schools project work will provide
teachers and other school staff with opportunities for learning and
professional development. We hope this will have an impact on their
teaching practice and help to develop creative approaches to teaching and
learning. We are also keen that teachers are given the opportunity to reflect
on their own learning and the learning of others involved in the project.


We expect the skills outlined in the New Curriculum to be planned,
delivered and evaluated within the classroom as part of this project. We
envisage that the class teacher will have a greater understanding of the
language, literacy and communication AOLE. The CT will have the
opportunity to plan a 'rich task' approach that encompasses a variety of
skills across the areas of learning. Through carrying out this project the
class teacher will have a clear understanding of how this project could be
adopted and disseminated across the school. We expect the class teacher
to be in a position to support colleagues throughout the school as creative
learning trailblazer. On completion of the project the CT will be able to
mentor other staff in the running of the radio station and therefore provide
legacy of the project for years to come.
The CT planning for the duration of the 11-week project, will demonstrate
the use of New Curriculum skills from the AOLEs. Learning Walks and
classroom observations will provide evidence of the CT's knowledge an
understanding of a creative learning pedagogy. Another source of evidence
will be an improvement of the CT's confidence in running a rich task project
approach to teaching and learning.


All three CPs will bring a distinctive set of skills to the project. The technical
skills and knowhow of the lead CP will enable the school to have a fully
functional radio station which will be linked up to the rest of the school via a
tannoy system and computers. The lead CP will also train the CT, other
staff and children in the running of the radio-station and all appropriate
software. Recording the training provided by the lead CP though the use of
an ipad will allow all stakeholders to re-visit the training on a needs basis.
Pupils' literacy skills will improve by working on news reports, interviews
and radio-plays. The creative writing CP will develop specific skills needed
for the radio-play working on characters and plot line. Many other skills
from the expressive arts area of learning will be addressed during this
process like delivery of script, live performance in front of a microphone,
acting as part of the radio play, etc. In addition to that the third CP, a music
producer, will also ensure many of the expressive arts skills will be fostered
and developed in the learners. Digital skills within the area of music
production and recording will be encountered by the learners on
professional equipment provided by the CP. All three CPs will expose the
children to technical and skill specific vocabulary throughout the project.

Bryn Hafod Primary LCS

Timetable 2021- ‘22


Week 1:

Stunning Start – all week

Josh and Kally visit/zoom (tbc) Russell to arrange

12th January: Russell in school to set up station(needs a space!)

13th January: Stuart training in the morning, afternoon intro session with class year 5? twilight training for staff after school

14th January: Session with year 5: 1st broadcast at 2pm


Week 2:

20th January: Nigel (session 1)

19th January: Richard (session 1)   


Week 3:

27th January:  Russell virtual broadcast 2

24th January: Nigel (session 2)


Week 4:

3rd February: Russell virtual - broadcast 3 

26th January: Richard (session 2)


Week 5: 

10th February: Russell virtual - broadcast 4


Week 6:

17th February: Russel in school - broadcast 5 (mid- evaluation meeting?)


Week 7:

3rd March: Russell virtual - broadcast 6 (St David’s Day content)



Week 8:

10th March: Russell virtual - broadcast 7 


Week 9:

17th March: Russell live broadcast sharing event forparents and governors, etc. at 2pm 

(offer refreshments teas and coffee)