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Miss R Humphries    Class Teacher

Mrs Z Shears        Class Teacher

Mrs E Moore        Class Teacher

     Mrs R Dawkes       Teaching Assistant

     Miss H Osborne    Teaching Assistant

     Mrs L Phillips        Teaching Assistant

      Mrs E Lewis          Teaching Assistant

      Miss Rhonda        Teaching Assistant

Miss Joyce    1:1

Miss Annie   1:1


Please find the relevant information on the following bullet points:

  • School times

  • What to do if your child is late / absent

  • Snack

  • Packed Lunches

  • No toys

School times 

Reception Glas start/finish times - 8.45am - 3:00 pm. 

Reception Coch start/finish times - 8.45am-3:00 pm


The school day starts promptly, as the children enter the class they begin their handwriting and number practice. Please collect your child at the appropriate time, where they will be dismissed one at a time.


Please bring/collect your child to the correct entrance depending on their class:

Both classes will enter/exit on middle school yard.


(Due to health & safety reasons, no parents are allowed beyond the gates: please wait on the school yard. Please refrain from standing on the Reception path to avoid blocking the entrance/exit and so that Reception staff can spot parents easily.)


Book Bags

Book bags - are to be returned every Tuesday and will be sent out on Fridays with new reading books. 

Reading – Each of the children will be given an online Login for Collins ebooks after Easter . Each week your child will be allocated books to support their reading development. It is important that they access these books regularly. 


Snack Money

Snack money is collected every Monday and is £1 for the week. Please pop the money in the tub provided when dropping off your child. 



If you are running late, you will need to drop you child off at the school office in the main building and sign your child in. If your child is absent, please contact the school as soon as possible to explain the reasons for absence.



We will provide a healthy snack for your child each day, we kindly ask for a donation of £1 per week to cover the cost of this. We will collect money at the start of each week.



If your child is not having a school dinner they will need their own packed lunch and drink. Please try to avoid 'over filling' your child's lunch box, don't forget their stomach is only the size of their own fist! Children often miss their playtime because parents have packed too much food for them to get through at lunch time. We want your child to have enough time to enjoy their lunch time play. 


No Toys

Some children like to bring in their own toys, but unfortunately these often get lost, broken or taken. Please ensure your child doesn't bring any home toys/items to school to avoid loss or damage.