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Play Pals

Croeso i tudalen Pals Chwarae Bryn Hafod. 

Welcome to the Bryn Hafod Play Pals Page. 

Pupil Voice Groups

Bryn Hafod has various pupil voice groups led by teachers from all over our school.  We have various pupil voice groups such as; Healthy Heroes, Digital Leaders, Criw Cymraeg, Play Pals and School Council.


We held a competition early in September within our Pupil voice Group to design a logo for our group.  We had some very good designs. Well done to the winning design, that was designed by Abbie and Evie in Year 5.

Our Play Pals Logo

Why do we have a Play Pals pupil voice group?

1. To ensure that when children are playing outdoors, they feel safe and secure and are happy to play with their friends.

2. To give children lots of play opportunities outdoors and learn to use a variety of new equipment with their friends. 

Bryn Hafod Play Pals Pupil Voice Group

The Bryn Hafod Play Pals are a group of children that meet every fortnight within a pupil voice group. The group consists of pupils from KS2 (Juniors) and Foundation Phase (Y1 and Y2).  We meet to discuss how to ensure the children are happy and safe at play times and to ensure that all children are provided with stimulating and purposeful play experiences. When we first met we decided to create a success criteria, so with Mrs Davies, Mrs Shears and Mr Walters we decided to prioritised:


  1. To ensure all children are happy and feel safe at playtimes.
  2. To provide children with stimulating and purposeful activities and equipment.
  3. Reduce behavioural issues arising at break and lunch times.
  4. Allocate roles for children within the school at allocated times. (unstructured)


Meet the Pupil Voice Group - Play Pals

We are proud to be part of the Play Pals Pupil Voice Group as we can help the Teachers, Staff and Governors make sure that our school values the importance of children learning through Play.  We are a team made up of children from KS2 and Foundation Phase.  This helps us to make sure that throughout our school we work together to achieve our goals! 


Chair Person - Evie , Vice Chair Person - Kate, Secretary - Brooke G and Charlie.

Other members of Play Pals are:

Ruby, Summer, Abbie, Kaitlin, Chelsea, Lucy, Ellie, Brooke, Ruby, Zoe, Kaylleigh, Darlah, Jack, Florence, Tyreese.