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School Council

School Council Members

Each class has voted for their own class representative, to share school ideas, thoughts and opinions. The elected members are:

Blwyddyn 1 Glas: Corey P

Blwyddyn 1 Coch: Mollie R

Blwyddyn 2 Glas: Kirsty B

Blwyddyn 2 Coch: Dinah S

Blwyddyn 3 Glas: Cara-Mai T

Blwyddyn 3 Coch: Aicha 

Blwyddyn 4 Glas: Keira J

Blwyddyn 4 Coch: Allana-Mai M

Blwyddyn 5 Glas: Chloe A

Blwyddyn 5 Coch: Charlotte B

Blwyddyn 6 Glas: Lacey-Leigh M

Blwyddyn 6 Coch: Allanah S